Freddy Warner JD

Chief Government Relations Officer, Memorial Hermann Health System

Freddy Warner joined Memorial Hermann Health System in 2008, and serves the system as chief government relations officer, responsible for federal, state, and local advocacy. Previous to Memorial Hermann, he spent more than twenty years as a government relations, regulatory and business development consultant, working in a variety of legislative, campaign, and regulatory capacities in more than 20 U.S. states and in Washington, DC, with particular emphasis on Texas; and for 3 years was vice president of governmental affairs for the largest building materials company in the United States. Over the course of his career, Freddy has represented numerous clients before federal, state, and local elective bodies and regulatory entities, managed greenfield development projects, developed strategic plans, and created community investment and media campaigns for his clients. He previously served in senior campaign and legislative capacities for a member of the Texas Congressional Delegation, a Texas State Senator, and for the Texas Lieutenant Governor. He holds undergraduate degrees in journalism and political science from Southern Methodist University, and a law degree from South Texas College of Law.