Judith Bernardini BSN, RN

As a clinical research nurse at the University of Pittsburgh since 1982, Judith's primary focushas been on PD research and improving outcomes for PD patients. Her work includes numerous publications, including co-authorship of the first PD University for Nurses for ISPD held in Singapore in 2000 and development of an ISPD web-based video to guide nurses training patients for PD. She has been an invited speaker at numerous international conferences. She served on the ISPD Council from 2001-2006, was Chairperson of the Nurse Liaison Committee of ISPD from 1998-2001, and received a Lifetime Achievement Award in the Field of PD in 2007.

Retired from active work at the University of Pittsburgh in 2006, Judith remains Adjunct Faculty at the University of Pittsburgh, and a faculty member for PD University as well as consulting on CQI projects around the world. She continues as a reviewer for PDI, AJKD, NDT, and NNJ, and remains active in the ISPD.