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Positive Outcomes in Access Management: Access of Preference? Or Evil?

‐ Apr 2, 2006 3:00pm

Have you struggled with access management - keeping catheters patent, infection free, and functioning as well as they should? Have there been frustrations in this endeavor? We'll examine those challenges in our goal of improving the use and length of life of these life preservers. We'll talk about the various types of catheter infections and how best to prevent and treat them. We'll also discuss other potential complications, again addressing the best methods for prevention. Vein preservation for future access construction is a necessary component of caring for patient, and helpful methods will be shared. How to determine whether the access is mature, whether it can be saved after a complication has occurred, and patients who have had their access salvaged also will be addressed. Join us as we discuss the advantages of access devices and strategies to address the challenges faced by patients and the nephrology health team.

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