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Making the Transition as a New APN into Nephrology Practice: Professional Issues, and Collaboration in the Multidisciplinary Team

‐ Oct 8, 2009 3:30pm

Please note - for full continuing nursing education (CNE) credit, complete an evaluation for each session of the preconference track.

It is not uncommon for advanced practice nurses (APNs) to enter nephrology nursing practice without a solid foundation in nephrology nursing. Whether the focus for the advanced degree was family, adult, geriatric or pediatric nursing practice, in-depth knowledge of the specialty of nephrology nursing is often missing. This all-day workshop will assist APNs in bridging the gap between their advanced practice experience and the world of nephrology nursing.

Our esteemed faculty will begin by identifying the key strategies that will assist the primary care APN to transition into nephrology practice. The stages of chronic kidney disease (CKD) will be explored, including the management and diagnostic strategies involved in each stage. An overview of renal replacement therapy options, the APN's functions in relation to each therapy, and the process for access preparation also will be discussed. Laboratory and pharmacology management in CKD stage 5 will be compared to that seen and utilized in CKD stages 3 and 4. Strategies the APN can employ to help patients adjust to psychosocial or ethical issues in CKD will be another important highlight.

Issues such as APN scope of practice, legal safeguards and concerns, and reimbursement strategies also will be addressed. The day will culminate with a discussion of the roles and responsibilities of the APN on the multidisciplinary team as well as strategies for successful collaboration in private practice. This information-packed workshop will be invaluable to APNs who are new to, or considering entering, nephrology nursing.


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