Modular Course 

NOTE: All registrants receive indefinite access to content to review at their convenience.  All live virtual sessions will be recorded and made available!

This Certification Review Course is designed to prepare the Nephrology Nurse to successfully complete and pass the Certification Review Exam. There are three exams– The Certified Nephrology Nurse, The Certified Dialysis Nurse, and The Certified Advanced Practice Nurse.

The person utilizing this course will progress through the modules based on their own educational needs, to increase their confidence in being able to pass their specific exam.

It is thought, as well, that this course could be used for orientation for nurses new to nephrology, even when not specifically preparing for a certification exam.


The content includes information specific to Nephrology Nursing, including specific modules on Chronic Kidney Disease and Acute Kidney Injury, as well as modules on each modality used as a replacement for kidney function, which all individuals will find helpful for their own review no matter which exam they are to take.

There are also modules on other aspects of caring for patients with kidney dysfunction. The Advanced Practice Nurse will also find some modules specific to the role that they play in planning and implementing care for patients in all phases of chronic kidney disease.

Note - registration includes access to all live (virtual) educational sessions, and indefinite access to the recorded content to view.

All learners must complete the Nursing Continuing Professional Development evaluations to claim contact hour credit by October 1, 2024. This will give learners a full 7 months to review content missed and claim contact hours.

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