Understanding the Impact of Elevated Potassium on Kidney Patients' Quality of Life and Treatment Experience from a Nephrology-based Office Survey

Identification: P01

The participant will be able to understand the impact of elevated potassium on quality of life in patients with CKD.

Category: Tag 4

Symptom Clusters in CKD

Identification: P02

The learner will be able to identify symptom clusters associationed with CKD.

Category: Symptom Clusters

A Quality Improvement Project: Develop Formal Educational Protocol on Pre-Renal Transplant Education for Patients and Families

Identification: P03

None provided

Avoiding Admissions and Dialysis Treatments in the Emergency Department

Identification: P04

The participant will be able to understand the causes of avoidable emergency department (ED) admissions and dialysis treatments in the ED among end-stage disease patients and potential strateges for reduction.

Peritoneal Dialysis Modality: Engaging Staff to Enhance Competency to Improve Patient Satisfaction and Outcomes

Identification: P05

The participant will be able to educate staff using a quality improvement project to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction.

A Novel Method of Parent and Patient Hand Hygiene Education to Reduce Episodes of Peritonitis in Pediatric Chronic Peritoneal Dialysis Patients

Identification: P06

The participant will learn how to reduce dialysis unit peritonitis rates.

Category: pediatrics

The Implementation of a New Graduate RN Residency Program for Acute Care Hemodialysis Nurses

Identification: P07

The participant will gain knowledge for developing a new RN Graduate Residency Program for Hemodialysis Nurses in Acute Care/Hospital Settings.

Category: renal

The Benefits of a Specialty Camp for Children with End-Stage Organ Failure

Identification: P08

The participant will be able to discuss one benefit of attending a specialty camp for pediatric transplant recipients.

Category: transplantation

Use of Ultrasound Guidance During Cannulation: 5 Years Later

Identification: P09

The participant will be able to identify how the use of ultrasound guided cannulation can be used within the learners practice setting.

Use of Multidisciplinary Approach to Increase and Maintain the Number of Patients Choosing a Home Therapy Modality

Identification: P10

The participant will be able to identy three elements of the pre-dialysis teaching that optimize home therapy choice.