Susan Carey MS

Sue Cary has 40 years of experience in nephrology nursing. She started out in 1977 as a hemodialysis nurse. In 1983 she received her Master's in Nursing and in 2000 she finished a post masters program for an adult nurse practitioner. She was an associate professor teaching nephrology nursing for 22 years. She was a nephrology nurse practitioner for 16 years working in hemodialysis units, CKD clinic and hospital rounds . Sue currently consults as an expert witness defending nephrology nurses in law cases.

Sue has presented on several topics involving fluid removal during hemodialysis treatments including topics of organ stunning, Fluid volume overload not always a patient adherence problem, and Care of patients with CKD with a focus on fluid status.

Sue is 2008-2009 past national president of ANNA. She has also served ANNA as chair of CEAB twice, and held other past positions on the ANNA BOD of Southeast Vice President and National Treasurer. She was also one of the founders of the ANNA Fleur De Lis chapter in southern Louisiana.