Sherri Loeb BSN, RN

Regional Clinical Research Associate, CareDx, Inc.

Sherri Loeb has been a health care professional for over 40 years. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Medical Technology, she continued her studies and received a BSN in 1983. Sherri has extensive nursing experience in a wide range of disciplines and is currently serving as a regional clinical research associate for CareDx, Inc. based in California. In 2011, her husband, a Joint Commission Officer, was diagnosed with advanced metastatic prostate cancer. As his condition worsened, she became his caregiver, personal navigator and ombudsman. Even after almost 30 years as a registered nurse, their experience with the fractured healthcare system was an eye-opening experience. Her goal was to make sure that the care her husband received was safe, high quality, patient centered, compassionate and evidenced based as long as possible. Since her husband passed away in October of 2013, Sherri has spoken at numerous national healthcare conferences about their healthcare journey. In addition to her full-time position at CareDx, she also serves on the Patient Family Advisory Council for Quality and Safety at MedStar, a large hospital system in Baltimore, Maryland, as well as a being a member of the Patient Safety Movement Foundation.