Raymond R. Townsend MD

Professor, University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Raymond R. Townsend, is a nephrologist who directs the Hypertension Program at the University of Pennsylvania. He conducts research into the role of arterial stiffness in outcomes such as death and kidney failure progression, especially in patients with chronic kidney disease. His formal certifications are in internal medicine (ABIM), nephrology (ABIM), clinical pharmacology (ASCP) and hypertension (ASH). He is a fellow in the American Heart Association and the Council for High Blood Pressure Research. He was the AHA Physician of the Year awardee for 2016. Research interests include role of vascular dynamics in CKD progression and the incidence/development of CVD in CKD. He was an empaneled member of JNC 8 Hypertension Guideline. Since 2012 he has been working in the field of renal denervation as a treatment for high blood pressure.