Nancy Schmit AB, JD

Ms. Schmit has a AB in Government from Indiana University and a JD from George Washington University.

After 25 years as an attorney, she switched careers in 2006, joining Satellite Healthcare as an Administrative Supervisor for two dialysis centers. With an interest in and experience in organizational efficiency, she saw the need for standarized procedures in the front offices and medical records in her two centers and, with the support of Satellite, took on the challenge of developing and implementing these. Based upon this work in two centers, in 2008 she she was named Facility Administrative Coordinator for Satellite Dialysis and charged with getting administrative consistency in the front offices and medical records compliance in all of Satellite's Dialysis centers.

Having lived through two major emergency events in California, the Loma Prieta Earthquake of 1989 and the Oakland Firestorm of 1991, which destroyed 3,354 single-family dwellings and 437 apartments or condomiums, Ms Schmit understook training in emergency preparedness out of personal interest. After completing training by the Santa Cruz Fire Department on the Community Emergency Response Team curriculum, she saw the opportunity to improve the emergency drill process in the dialysis centers so the interest in emergency preparedness became professional, not just personal. In a three year effort, Nancy worked with co-presenter Gail Frederick to develop new emergency drills using an Incident Command System, which is the industry standard in emergency preparedness. The new drills were introducted to the centers during day-long emergency preparedness symposiums, complete with demonstrations of the drills and skills involved, and are now in use in all of Satellite's Dialysis centers.

Along with the new drills, Ms Schmit and Mrs. Frederick oversaw the writing of an extensive new corporate Emergency Preparedness Manual.