Merelle Rodrigo BSc

"Merelle Rodrigo is a professional trainer and motivational speaker well-known for her ability to deliver material in a dynamic, humorous and entertaining fashion. Embracing the strong belief that education is more about lighting a fire and less about filling a pail, Merelle's passion for teaching adults earned her the award of Teacher of the Year seven years running at George Brown College.

Merelle has worked with a diverse cultural population in Toronto where she worked as a Probation and Parole officer and she still attributes her success as a Professional Speaker to the years she worked with the poor, the indigent and those people whose lives were misdirected.

It is exactly the skills of understanding peoople and their personal motivations that allowed her to be a success as a Financial Planner. As a result of a severe and tragic stroke suffered by her father, Merelle left the Probation business to take over her father's Financial Service business. For four years she worked with a Multicultural clientelle in Toronto. She was awarded the Award of Excellence as a diamond-level sales producer and was a member of the Million Dollar Round Table which put her in the category of top 2% of Financial Advisors in the world.

Merelle's passion has always been speaking. She sees it very much as her vocation. And her dynamic style, her comfort with people and ease of delivery is every indication that she has made the best possible career choice. Ladies and Gentlemen, Merelle Rodrigo."