Maryanne Sapio MPA

MaryAnne Sapio has served as the Vice President of Federal Government Affairs for the American Association of Nurse Practitioners since 2013. With over twenty years of experience at the federal level, MaryAnne is well known for her health policy experience and expertise. As Vice President, she directs all aspects of the federal legislative agenda, including deploying and coordinating grassroots efforts.

Prior to joining the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, MaryAnne spent over six years at the American Health Care Association, where she served as Senior Director, Government Relations and Federal Advocacy. Her bipartisan reach during her tenure made her a trusted go-to health care professional for Members and staff in the U.S. House of Representatives, the Senate, and related federal agencies.

Mrs. Sapio began her federal government affairs work in Washington, DC in 2002 when she served as Director of Federal Affairs at Wheat Government Relations. MaryAnne has a BS in Marketing and a Masters of Public Administration.