Leah Wayner MSN, ACNP, CNN-NP

Leah Wayner has been practicing as a nephrology nurse practitioner for over 15 years. She graduated with a bachelor’s in nursing from Michigan’s Calvin College and quickly found herself working with kidney transplant recipients and loving the complexity. In addition, she appreciated the patient relationships developed within kidney care. From there, she worked as a pre-kidney transplant coordinator while in graduate school at the University of Virginia and joined the Nephrology Division upon graduation. During her time with the division, she has developed a comprehensive APP group specializing in CKD education, hemodialysis, and palliative and end of life care, and began an independent NP hospital consult service. She also holds a nephrology advanced practice nursing certification as well as an autonomous NP license in Virginia. Her work promoting independent advanced practice within the future of nephrology has recently been published in CJASN.