Kevin Schnurr

Associate Director, Alport Syndrome Foundation

Kevin Schnurr, at age 26, experienced unexpected renal failure due to Alport syndrome, a rare genetic kidney disease which often leads to end-stage renal disease, and can also cause hearing loss, eye abnormalities, and other less studied complications. Despite experiencing microhematuria since birth, this anomaly, also noted in his mother, was disregarded as benign. After weeks of emergency hemodialysis, and almost two years on peritoneal dialysis, he received a living donor kidney transplant from a close friend in May 2014.

Kevin’s desire to help others in the Alport syndrome community led to his position as Alport Syndrome Foundation’s social media specialist in 2014, part-time patient outreach coordinator in 2016, and full-time director of communications & patient engagement in 2019. He now serves as associate director of the foundation. In addition to his background in journalism and graphic design, and experience in college administration, Kevin’s perspective and communication skills as a patient bring great value to Alport Syndrome Foundation.