Gail A. Frederick BSN, RN, CNN

Mrs. Frederick graduated from Kaiser Foundation School of Nursing in Oakland, California, and received her Bachelors of Science in Nursing from California Consortium of State University, Long Beach.

She has been in nephrology since 1974. She has worked in acute, chronic and home settings. She has been a staff nurse, home training nurse, Clinical Manager, Regional Director and now Director of Regulatory Compilance for Satellite Healthcare.

Gail has been published in the Nephrology Nursing Journal and been a board member for Network 17. She currently is co-chair of the Western Pacific Network Emergency Coalition.

In a three year effort, Gail worked with co-presenter Nancy Schmit to develop for Satellite Healthcare a Emergency Preparedness Manual and new emergency drills using an Incident Command System, which is the industry standard in emergency preparedness. She is a member of KCER and is actively involved in emergency preparedness in her personal life, in which she does group presentations.

In addtion to her carrer responsibilites, Ms. Frederick is very proud of the fact that she has been married for 40 years, has raised six kids and has 9 grandchildren.