Emel Hamilton DrMed, MSN/INF, CNN

Dr. Hamilton is an experienced renal clinician, a nationally recognized expert and author on Healthcare Informatics and Electronic Health Records. She has over twenty years of experience in solving healthcare industry related strategic and operational challenges through a combination of machine and human processes. Dr. Hamilton earned her medical degree from Dokuz Eylul University in Turkey. She is also a registered nurse and holds an MSN degree with a specialty in informatics. She is a firm believer that technology in healthcare is only meaningful when it serves to improve patient outcomes, alleviate suffering, reduce clinician burden, or offer a compelling value proposition in terms of patient care. In her current role as the Vice President & Global Leader of Clinical Systems for the Global Medical Office at Fresenius Medical Care, Dr. Hamilton is charged with discovering, assessing, and representing the technology needs of clinical staff across 43 countries and recommending suitable technology solutions and innovations.