Alexis_Harris Snead

Alexis Harris Snead MD

Senior Associate of Renal Pathology, Ameripath/ Quest Diagnositc Laboratories

Dr. Alexis Harris-Snead is the senior associate of renal pathology for Ameripath/ Quest Diagnostic laboratories. She graduated from the East Carolina University School of Medicine where she also completed a pathology residency. She received fellowship training in renal pathology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she remained as one of the staff renal pathologists for two years. Dr. Harris-Snead has also served as a renal pathologist for the University of New Mexico and at Nephropath (now Arkana) located in Little Rock, Arkansas. As an accomplished teacher and educator, she has received numerous teaching awards from medical students, residents, fellows, and peers and has participated at annual national and international meetings with a focus on medical renal diseases.