Aaron Crossley LMSW

The Honorable Aaron Crossley, LMSW, is a dedicated advocate for community well-being, mental health, and social welfare. With over two decades of experience in social and community service roles, Aaron has devoted his career to providing direct behavioral healthcare to individuals, including adults and children living with severe and persistent mental illness, and to systemic change so that everyone has what they need to live meaningful lives.

Passionate about fostering self-care among leaders, Aaron has made it his mission to ensure that those in leadership roles are equipped with the tools and knowledge to practice effective self-care. He firmly believes that self-care is essential not only for personal well-being but also for the ability to serve others effectively.

Currently, Aaron serves as a Behavioral Health Consultant and business strategist at University Health, Kansas City's essential hospital. In this role, he leverages his extensive experience in policy and programmatic solutions to make a positive impact on the healthcare landscape, with a keen focus on promoting self-care practices among healthcare professionals and leaders.

In November 2022, Aaron was elected as a Missouri State Representative, representing District 29 in the Missouri House of Representatives. His commitment to public service extends to advocating for policies that support self-care and mental health for the broader community.

Aaron's comprehensive experience, deep-rooted values, and dedication to fostering self-care make him a valuable contributor to the field of healthcare, social justice, and elected leadership.


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