Renal Hemodynamics: An Overview

Renal Hemodynamics: An Overview

Identification: nnj_ja03A9
Issue: July-August 2003
Volume: Vol. 30, No. 4


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Goal: Discuss the principles of glomerular filtration and renal hemodynamics and provide nephrology nurses with the ability to predict, identify and assist in the treatment of clinical conditions that can alter glomerular filtration and renal hemodynamics.


  1. Discuss the intrinsic and extrinsic factors that can alter renal hemodynamics.
  2. Describe the renin-angiotensin mechanism and its role when renal ischemia occurs.
  3. Explain the multiple integrated factors that work in concert to maintain a consistent renal blood flow and glomerular filtration despite systemic pressure changes.

Acknowledgment: The author would like to acknowledge Dr. Milagros Samaniego, Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, Division of Nephrology, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD, for her careful review of this manuscript and Romeo Paredes for his assistance with the development of the figures.



Credits: None available.

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