Robert Loeper MBA, PMP

VP of Operations Support and Business Continuity/Disaster Response, Fresenius Medical Care

Bob Loeper is the vice president of operations support and business continuity/disaster response for Fresenius Medical Care. During any declared disaster that effects multiple facilities, states, or regions, Bob serves as the incident commander for Fresenius and convenes the Corporate Disaster Response Team within affected regions to provide guidance, support, and resources as needed to bring facilities back into operation as soon as possible. This includes staging outside of the impact zone with gas tankers, water trucks, armed security guards, generators and many other supplies that are brought right into the disaster zone as soon as it’s safe to do so. Bob also has developed and trained operational mangers on various table top exercises, such as hurricane, active shooter, civil unrest, and emerging infectious diseases/pandemic. Having started with Fresenius in 1986, Bob has managed dialysis facilities as an administrator, regional manager, and RVP for Fresenius in Georgia, Alabama, Florida, and Puerto Rico. He also served as the president of FreseniusRx Pharmacy and held the post of VP for strategic project management. The Fresenius National Accounts Department reports to Bob, which provides facility onboarding and ongoing services that include janitorial, pest, solid waste, regulated medical waste, TVs, utility payments, HVACs, and generators. Bob is also very active with the Florida Renal Association, having served as the president and is now the legislative chair.