Debra J. Hain PhD

Dr. Hainis a doctoral prepared nurse practitioner who is an Associate Professor at Florida Atlantic University, MSN Coordinator: AGNP Concentration, and FNP DavieCampus Advisor at Christine E Lynn College of Nursing. Dr. Hain has an undergraduate degree inmanagement and in the past has been a nurse manager for Cleveland Clinic FloridaDepatement of Medicine and Acute Dialysis Services. She currently teaches twoleadership courses for graduate students. Her research focuses on improvinghealth outcomes in an ethnically diverse population of adults with chronickidney disease and diabetes. In addition she is currently focusing inpalliative care in an ethnically diverse population of older adults withadvanced CKD. She has done local, national, regional, and internationalpresentations and has published over 40 research and clinical manuscripts inpeer-reviewed journals. She is a fellow in the American Association of NursePractitioners, National Kidney Foundation and the Blake Distinguished Professorin the College of Nursing. She Presidnet-elect for ANNA South Florida FlamingoChapter and the Chair of ANNA Research Committee.