Lucy B. Todd MSN, ACNP-BC, CNN

Medical Science Liaison, Baxter Healthcare Corporation

Lucy B. Todd is an acute care nurse practitioner who works for Baxter Healthcare as a medical science liaison educating nephrology fellows on PD as a therapy across the United States. She earned a Bachelor's in International Relations and Comparative Politics from Purdue University, married and had 2 children. She then returned to school for her BSN from Old Dominion University and her MSN from Vanderbilt University where nephrology was her focus within the acute care program. She ran a PD program in Charlotte, North Carolina, for 6 years, growing the program from 17 patients to slightly over 100 patients in 3 years time. Lucy joined Baxter in July 2006. As a medical science liaison, she is part of the medical affairs organization of Baxter and is able to address a broader and deeper level of information than is permitted for the promotional side of the company. Her presentations are drawn from published literature, usually global in scope, intended to present relevant clinical and scientific information with accuracy and fair balance. Educating nephrology fellows, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants on home therapies consumes the bulk of her time. Lucy is an author and section editor of the PD section for ANNA's Core Curriculum for Nephrology Nursing, both the 6th and 7th editions. She updated the PD section for the CNN Review Guide as well. She is a member of the Board of Directors of ANNA, a member of the Blue Ridge Chapter in Asheville, North Carolina, and committee chair for the North Carolina State ANNA meeting scheduled in 2022.