Charlotte Thomas-Hawkins PhD RN FAAN

Associate Professor, Rutgers University School of Nursing

Dr. Charlotte Thomas-Hawkins is a tenured associate professor and theĀ interim associate dean, Nursing Science Division in theĀ Rutgers University School of Nursing - Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences in Newark, New Jersey. She is also director of the Center for Health Services Research and Policy in the School of Nursing. Dr. Thomas-Hawkins is engaged in clinical practice as a staff nurse, nurse manager, and advanced practice nurse in acute care and outpatient kidney dialysis settings at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her research has focused on the nephrology nursing workforce and the effects of nurse-sensitive quality indicators on patient outcomes and patient safety in dialysis settings and fundamental causes of emergency department visits and hospitalizations by persons with end-stage kidney disease. Dr. Thomas-Hawkins was the first researcher to quantify the relationships among RN staffing and work load, work environment support, missed care, and patient and nurse outcomes in outpatient dialysis units in the United States. Her seminal work in this area led to policy changes in the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' Staffing Regulations for dialysis facilities that resulted in registered nurse staffing in U.S. dialysis facilities. Her research findings also links low RN staffing and high RN workloads with nurses' ratings of unsafe patient shift change transitions in dialysis units. Dr. Thomas-Hawkins received her basic nursing education diploma from Temple University Hospital School of Nursing, her BSN from Thomas-Jefferson University School of Nursing, and her MSN and PhD from the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing. She is a fellow in the American Academy of Nursing.