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The RN New to Nephrology Practice: The Foundation of Quality Care - Laboratory Interpretation

‐ Oct 8, 2009 3:00pm

Please note - for full continuing nursing education (CNE) credit, complete an evaluation for each session of the preconference track.

This all-day workshop is designed for registered nurses (RNs) new to nephrology practice or for RNs interested in learning more about the realm of nephrology nursing. The day will begin with an in-depth review of the physiology of the kidney followed by an examination of the pathophysiologic changes that occur in glomerular versus tubular diseases.

The stages of chronic kidney disease (CKD) will be a focus of the discussion as these are the backbone of nephrology nursing practice and patient care. The incidence and prevalence of CKD, the stages of CKD, and collaborative care strategies also will be covered. The differences in vascular accesses and the pathophysiology of common complications will be addressed, leading into a discussion of the prevention and treatment therapies for vascular access complications.

Another component of the workshop will be the interpretation of renal laboratory values as familiarity with this information will give RNs the ability to critically evaluate appropriate clinical responses for patient abnormalities.This workshop will be invaluable to RNs seeking to enhance their knowledge level well beyond that acquired through a generic nursing program and to provide quality care to patients with kidney disease.


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