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CKD Modules - Chronic Kidney Disease: What Every Nurse Caring for the CKD Patient Should Know

Module 3: Chronic Kidney Disease - Stages 4 and 5: Overview of Therapy Options

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Maria Mercedes Lorenzo
7/26/18 9:56 pm

Very well made lecture.

Cindy Bejarano
8/27/18 9:52 pm

I got the following question marked as correct but I feel the answer should have been b & d, which was not one of the options, not b & c. 24) Which types of peritoneal dialysis therapies are usually performed only during the night? Select all that apply. nocturnal hemodialysis automated peritoneal dialysis continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis cycling peritoneal dialysis a and c b and c

Wania De Mendonca
12/4/18 11:03 am

Which types of peritoneal dialysis therapies are usually performed only during the night? Select all that apply. a) nocturnal hemodialysis ITS BY BLOOD CANNT BE PERITONIAL b) automated peritoneal dialysis c) continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis CAPD DOING MORE IN THE DAY d) cycling peritoneal dialysis e) a and c THE CORRECT ASNWER FOR MODULE 3 IT IS ???????? WRONG ANSWER f) b and c

Wania De Mendonca
12/4/18 11:14 am

26) Which of these are advantages of a "planned start"? Select all that apply. The patient usually has a central venous catheter. The dialysis access surgery is healed and ready to use. Hemodialysis is the only option for controlling symptoms. The modality decision has been made. b only b and d MODULE 3 = PLANNED START = 1) KRT MODALITY MADE BY PATIENT AND FAMILY WITH EDUCATION IDT 2) DIALYSIS ACCESS SURUGERY COMPLETED AND ACCED HEALED 3) TRAINING AND OR TX SCHEDULE AT AN OUT PATIENT FACILITY. THE CORRECT ANSWER ISNT ONLY B ARE B AND D

Debra Ward
1/26/19 9:37 am

Ready to take test and eval for Module 3. Where is it???

Kelly Dyar
2/16/19 4:06 pm

Agree with the other comments re: which type of PD are usually performed during the night. The keyed answer doesn't match the question.

Leilani Castillo
8/15/19 8:29 pm

Very informative

Tracey Haines
10/15/19 9:18 pm

Very educational

Tobin Thomas
11/6/19 9:49 am

Well Presented.

Stela Marie Ferraren
3/19/20 9:58 pm

very informative

Aida Babista
4/30/20 5:54 pm

It will hep me to my line if practice

Aida Babista
4/30/20 5:56 pm

I need more of this module

Aida Babista
4/30/20 6:32 pm

its good

Myrna AcsonSaldevar
5/12/20 7:40 pm

Excellent presentation

Charry Pelobello
6/18/20 4:47 pm

Very informative

Mayli Rodriguez
9/22/20 6:51 pm

Muy completa y Facil de entender.

Hirji Bhudia
1/24/21 4:48 pm

Basic course for new Nurses in Dialysis. Need more depth for certified nurses.

Adora Sabocor
2/11/21 5:08 pm

I would watch this presentation again ,very informative.

Rogelio Galliguez
2/28/21 1:17 pm