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CKD Modules - Chronic Kidney Disease: What Every Nurse Caring for the CKD Patient Should Know

Module 1: Introduction to Chronic Kidney Disease: An Overview of Causes, Staging, and Treatment

Credits: None available.




Credits Available

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Robyn Roots
11/22/16 1:29 pm

I really enjoyed this presentation and the information was very helpful. Well Presented.

Patricia Pendergast
11/28/16 3:32 pm

A very good review. Very helpful.

Kim Martin
12/18/16 8:32 pm

Very helpful

Tania Barnard
12/28/16 3:02 pm

handout downloaded

Pennapaporn Penney
12/31/16 10:29 pm

good and benefit article

Tracie Moore
1/14/17 11:56 pm


Vickie Giacanna
1/30/17 4:09 pm


paula zart
2/4/17 9:47 am

i found the information to be very helpful

Vimla Christian
2/16/17 2:46 pm


Marcia Garilli
3/26/17 3:45 am

Very informative. Good review and presentation. Would like a color pdf of the charts. That would be nice.

Lorna King
4/2/17 4:24 pm

thanks very informative

Milagrosa Natalia Evans
4/15/17 8:20 pm

Very educational.

Robyn Roots
4/17/17 10:05 am

I really enjoyed this presentation and the information was very helpful. Well Presented.

Daisy Habon
4/22/17 9:30 am

very helpful

Jeri Hartley-Lewis
4/25/17 4:02 pm

very informational

William Stropkey
4/30/17 4:50 pm

I am a dialysis nurse, very good review for me.

Manu Lukose
5/1/17 2:28 pm


Erwin Yambao
5/1/17 9:17 pm


Mary Jane Laarni Alamares
5/3/17 3:28 pm

Very informative. How do I get CEU for this?

Daisy Torres
5/5/17 12:34 am

good information

Nestor Cadiz
5/5/17 2:39 am

Very helpful ,strongly recommend.

Reggie Ripa
5/5/17 10:11 am

very good review

Mary Carranza
5/6/17 9:28 pm

Great Review

Patricia Webber
5/8/17 12:08 pm

I completed listening to this course, Module 1, but could not find/access the evaluation. It was advertised as free until July 2017. I'd welcome some guidance on how to evaluate and receive the credit. Thank you.

Sharon Blackshire-Tubie
6/24/17 10:23 pm

Very Straight forward. Wish I could download to my iTunes.

Celeste Washington
7/11/17 2:42 pm

Every Renal therapy company should provide this module to their employees. Great presentation

Melody Hamons
8/26/17 5:07 am

Great information

Joanne Seader
10/6/17 8:19 am

Very informative program! Thank you.

Lisa Jackson
10/31/17 10:10 am

Lisa Jackson Very good information about CKD and basic kidney functions.

Shobhana Janardhanan
11/3/17 7:01 pm

Very educational and helpful.

11/14/17 4:43 pm

Very educational

Elizabeth McDonough
11/16/17 11:58 am

good review

Mark Gartman
11/29/17 5:11 pm

very informative

Collen Phiri
12/29/17 4:27 pm

very informative .thank you

sylvia diggins
1/19/18 5:59 pm

the first question does not have the correct answer

Mary McLaughlin
2/14/18 4:47 pm

This was a very good review with a lot of very valuable clinical information.

Pennapaporn Penney
3/27/18 5:45 pm

It's very good presentation and very helpful.

Stan Marciszewski
3/30/18 6:44 pm

very good overview

Karin SchmidOConnell
4/21/18 9:48 pm

Well written and easy to understand. Good overview for any nurse in any medical specialty.

Felix Otero
4/28/18 2:31 pm

I have been a dialysis nurse for 17 Years and I found this to be a awesome review for nurses with and/or without experience!

Kelli Davis
5/9/18 9:23 am


Kesner Jesuca
5/27/18 7:19 pm


Maria Mercedes Lorenzo
6/11/18 8:26 am

Handout downloaded. Excellent CE.

Lisa Gagne
6/28/18 11:43 am


Shirley Walter
6/30/18 4:13 pm

very helpful

Judith Bacareza
7/28/18 3:16 pm

informative. thanks

Rosalinda Lopez
8/9/18 7:44 pm

good information

Cindy Bejarano
8/12/18 8:45 pm

Please review answer to question 22. Slide #42 indicates the answer to question 22 should be all of the above.

Bessie Baldovino
9/24/18 3:36 pm

The module was very informative.

Hyunsook Oh
11/3/18 3:30 am

Very helpful.

Sonya Jeevanandam
1/7/19 8:19 am

i really enjoyed this presentation .It was very helpful the learn basic concepts in detail

Sheree Mullen
2/11/19 11:45 pm

Great review! Thank you!

Sarah New
2/17/19 5:03 pm

Very interesting! :)

Richard Young
3/5/19 11:25 am

It was very informative.

Richard Young
3/5/19 11:43 am

Very informative.

Beth Walter
3/27/19 9:22 am

thnks for a great basic teaching.

Jenny Fischer
4/6/19 10:34 am

Excellent presentation

Christine Sutton
4/30/19 11:28 pm

very interesting

Christine Fassett
5/8/19 10:18 am

This Module was very interesting and had a lot of great information in it. Everyone should view this.

Debra Huron
5/8/19 3:54 pm

I found this to be very informative and easy to follow

6/16/19 7:12 am

very good review

Maria Jelke
6/24/19 9:30 am

Good Review

Kimberly Gracie
9/8/19 2:29 pm

very informative, great presentation.

Jenease Ellerbe
9/13/19 3:20 pm


Trangdai Ngo-Paulak
10/25/19 12:01 pm

Very helpful

Mariamma Charly
10/30/19 9:56 pm

very informative

Tobin Thomas
11/6/19 9:46 am

Well Presented.

Randolph Davis
11/13/19 7:51 am

I really enjoyed this presentation.

Fatima Buckner-Hooper
11/14/19 6:53 am

Presentation was very well put together and educational.

11/20/19 9:45 am


Susan Cain
11/24/19 5:13 pm

very good presentation. Answered some questions that I have had about AKI patients

Patarapol Tantiwanon
11/26/19 3:57 pm


Holly Slye
12/12/19 2:31 pm

Great overview!

Yvette Barbari
12/15/19 5:37 am

Very informative and interesting! I'm new to Nephrology Nursing so I found this module very helpful!

Fernando Costas
12/20/19 9:48 am


Esma Soylu
12/24/19 2:40 pm

I refreshed my knowledge, thank you

Nellie Cauley
12/30/19 10:30 am

very thorough and well done! Excellent review. Do I get the CME just by going through it? I don't see any post test

12/31/19 2:04 am


Zobel Ko
1/14/20 3:38 pm

very informative.

Alicia Iaquinto
3/16/20 11:47 am

Great information provided!!

Maria Rovelyn Hemmings
3/19/20 3:08 pm

Excellent article

Maria Rovelyn Hemmings
3/19/20 3:08 pm

Excellent article

Jay Galeon
3/20/20 12:56 am

Very good presentation

Jay Galeon
3/20/20 12:57 am

Very good presentation

Jay Galeon
3/20/20 12:58 am

Very good presentation

Jay Galeon
3/20/20 1:09 am

Very good presentation!

Jay Galeon
3/20/20 1:09 am

Very good presentation!

Aida Babista
4/26/20 8:01 pm

Very educational and helpful nurses working in dialysis

Aida Babista
4/26/20 8:04 pm

Enjoy reading it and will help me to my practice

Alisha Kalba
5/1/20 4:36 pm

Good presentation

Traci Willingham
5/5/20 5:05 pm

This was helpful information

Brianne Jamon
5/9/20 10:24 pm

Great overview.

Yolanda Dabney
5/11/20 3:58 pm

very informational

Myrna AcsonSaldevar
5/12/20 7:42 pm

Excellent presentation

lily zhou
5/27/20 11:04 pm

very helpful and enjoyed this presentation

Jeff Rainey
5/28/20 1:14 am

Thank you

Merica Virgo
6/22/20 7:47 am

very imformative

Norman Swaby
7/9/20 10:46 pm

good info

Zapora Burillo
7/29/20 11:00 am

presentation is well organized.

Pattie Bussey
8/5/20 4:17 pm

Very organized and I loved the presentation

Marinela Gavriliuc
8/9/20 12:44 pm

Good information

Kristy Wertz
9/28/20 4:19 pm

Information was a good review for CNN prep.

Mehrnaz Molaei
10/5/20 4:56 pm


Earlyne Dujon
10/26/20 3:53 pm

It is a review/reminder

Mehrnaz Molaei
11/2/20 7:22 am


Jamee Canadas
11/2/20 8:58 pm

Extremely helpful and i really enjoyed it

Vasilika Cami
12/11/20 8:13 pm


Sandra Jefferson
1/27/21 9:20 pm

Great session.

yvette DuncanMerchant
1/29/21 4:16 pm


Adora Sabocor
2/11/21 5:05 pm

Informative and highly recommended.

Julius Cabral
3/1/21 11:40 pm


Wanda Hendricks
3/18/21 7:28 pm

very educatioal

Jasmine Canda
1/4/22 9:18 pm

Thank you it was very helpful

2/9/22 6:17 pm