CQI-Chapter #20 - CQI Application: Meeting the Challenges of ESRD Networks

Study of the information presented in this chapter will enable the learner to:

  1. Relate background pertaining to the ESRD Networks' work with dialysis facilities in improvement processes.
  2. Discuss continuous quality improvement concepts applied to the clinical setting.
  3. Describe a proposed framework for the working relationship between the ESRD Networks and dialysis providers.
  4. Discuss a patient-centered approach using an established model for improvement.

This chapter exhibits a brief background pertaining to the ESRD Networks' goals, objectives, attributes, and requirements relevant to the quality improvement process. Additionally, a review of the concepts of continuous quality improvement is provided and includes how to foster its application in a standardized way that is applicable to clinicians, providers, and stakeholders. A proposed framework is presented that highlights the relationship between ESRD Networks and providers using a patient-centered approach with the use of a model for improvement, the Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycle. The reader is offered information on unifying the PDSA cycle in the work of determining the "how to" in delivering optimal quality care for patients with ESRD.