CQI-Chapter #08 - Continuous Quality Improvement in Vascular Access Management

Study of the information presented in this chapter will enable the learner to:

  1. State two reasons why continuous quality improvement (CQI) in vascular access for hemodialysis (VA/HD) is essential.
  2. Relate the history of clinical performance measures (CPMs) designed to implement CQI for VA/HD nationally.
  3. Describe a recent large-scale clinical application of CQI in VA/HD.
  4. Describe the mandate for CQI and the use of a vascular access team (VAT) prescribed in the KDOQI™ update of 2006.
  5. List the data necessary for comprehensive CQI for VA/HD.
  6. List the actions of the VAT for accomplishing CQI for VA/HD.
  7. Cite one vascular access-related CQI example in the HD setting and one vascular access-related CQI example in the chronic kidney disease setting.