Welcome to the ANNA Virtual Symposium Challenge! This is a friendly competitive game that encourages increased learning engagement. Earn badges and points for achievements reached. The more you do, the more points and badges you receive! Click on the “Achievements” tab to see what challenges are available, the number of points earned, and the badges issued upon completion. Be sure to check back to view your progress throughout the event.  Winners get bragging rights and some prizes

  • One Grand Prize winner: ANNA Grand Prize Bundle: Core Curriculum, 7th edition, registration for National Symposium 2021 (in-person or virtual option), and 1-year membership or renewal. Value: $655.00 – Winner: Mazzie Middleton
  • AirPods (1 winner): Value: $139.99
    Winner: Betsy Ara-Smith
  • ANNA 1-year membership or renewal (4 winners): Value: $80
    • Cristina Perez
    • Danette Borg
    • Kayla Markus
    • Barbara McKie
  • Amazon $50 gift card (2 winners): Value: $50
    • Maria Maniscalco
    • Amy Simms
  • Amazon $10 cards (3 winners): Value: $10
    • Elizabeth Hudson-Weires
    • Lisa Kluver
    • Nicole Ingram
  • Starbucks $5 gift card (5 winners): Value $5
    • Ashely Schmidt
    • Karen Mangaliman
    • Danielle Gleason
    • Ann Sherly Varghese
    • Kristy McCaslin

Winners were selected at random from the top 50 in our Leaderboard list!  Eligibility: You must be a paid registered attendee.  The following personnel are ineligible, and therefore excluded from winning any prizes associated with the Virtual Challenge: ANNA Staff, Board Members, exhibitors, and vendors.

The Leaderboard Challenge will close on May 11, 2021 at 12 noon ET.

Overall Leaderboard

Challenge accepted! You’ll find below the various challenges, points and badges you are eligible to earn throughout ANNA Virtual Symposium Challenge. Once you have completed each achievement, your points along with your badge will be awarded and displayed on the leaderboard. Let the games begin!

Challenge Accepted icon
Challenge Accepted (25 points) Achieved by visiting the ANNA...
Chat Rookie icon
Chat Rookie (20 points) Achieved by live chatting 10 times...
Chat Master icon
Chat Master (60 points) Achieved by live chatting 30 times...
Profile Warrior icon
Profile Warrior (40 points) Achieved by updating your profile...
Picture Perfect icon
Picture Perfect (40 points) Achieved by adding your profile...
Eco Friendly icon
Eco Friendly (50 points) Achieved by downloading materials in...
Inspired By icon
Inspired By (75 points) Achieved by attending 3 general...
Corporate Member Supporter icon
Corporate Member Supporter (50 points) Achieved by visiting the Corporate...
Captain Organizer icon
Captain Organizer (80 points) Achieved by adding 5 sessions to...
Voice Your Opinion icon
Voice Your Opinion (80 points) Achieved by submitting 10 session...
Valedictorian icon
Valedictorian (100 points) Achieved by attending 15 sessions.
Exhibitor Rookie icon
Exhibitor Rookie (50 points) Achieved by visiting 5 exhibitors in...
Exhibitor Master icon
Exhibitor Master (100 points) Achieved by visiting 10 of our...
Communication Captain icon
Communication Captain (50 points) Achieved by replying to 2 posts in...
Social Wall icon
Social Wall (50 points) Achieved by making 3 posts on the...
Engagement Ninja icon
Engagement Ninja (250 points) Achieved by achieving ALL badges.