Spanish Medical Terminology for Health Care Professionals

Welcome to Spanish Medical Terminology for Healthcare Professionals

This is a self-paced fully online course consisting of 23 modules. In each module, you are given the opportunity to learn phrases that may help you communicate with your Spanish speaking patients.


This course should enable you to:

  1. Identify basic Spanish terms such as numbers and letters.
  2. Communicate with Spanish speaking patient or family member while visiting the medical office.
  3. Express appropriate medical terminology in Spanish while in the examination room.

Chapter Officer Orientation

Welcome to the all NEW Course Module Orientation for Chapter Officers! Whether you are new to your chapter officer role, or seasoned with experience, we ask that you review the content of this module for an orientation that will prepare you for your year ahead.

If you're new to volunteer roles, we ask that you take your time working through this course! It will give you the basics to get started in your role and enough knowledge to be confident and ready for new adventures.

If you've been a chapter officer for years, you may think you've got it down. Maybe you do! But maybe there's a few things you don't know. A lot changes year to year, so we ask that you review this course with fresh eyes and an open mind.

***Please Note*** "The Basics" section is important information for all officers. You must review each activity in that section BEFORE moving on to the sections for Chapter Officer roles. After completing The Basics section, all of the chapter officer roles will be available for you to review at any time.

The Leadership Tool Kit

The Leadership Tool Kit