2020 Posters


Understanding the Impact of Elevated Potassium on Kidney Patients' Quality of Life and Treatment Experience from a Nephrology-based Office Survey

Identification: P01

The participant will be able to understand the impact of elevated potassium on quality of life in patients with CKD.

Category: Tag 4

Symptom Clusters in CKD iconSymptom Clusters in CKD

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Symptom Clusters in CKD

Identification: P02

The learner will be able to identify symptom clusters associationed with CKD.

Category: Symptom Clusters

A Quality Improvement Project: Develop Formal Educational Protocol on Pre-Renal Transplant Education for Patients and Families

Identification: P03

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Avoiding Admissions and Dialysis Treatments in the Emergency Department

Identification: P04

The participant will be able to understand the causes of avoidable emergency department (ED) admissions and dialysis treatments in the ED among end-stage disease patients and potential strateges for reduction.


Peritoneal Dialysis Modality: Engaging Staff to Enhance Competency to Improve Patient Satisfaction and Outcomes

Identification: P05

The participant will be able to educate staff using a quality improvement project to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction.


A Novel Method of Parent and Patient Hand Hygiene Education to Reduce Episodes of Peritonitis in Pediatric Chronic Peritoneal Dialysis Patients

Identification: P06

The participant will learn how to reduce dialysis unit peritonitis rates.

Category: pediatrics

The Implementation of a New Graduate RN Residency Program for Acute Care Hemodialysis Nurses

Identification: P07

The participant will gain knowledge for developing a new RN Graduate Residency Program for Hemodialysis Nurses in Acute Care/Hospital Settings.

Category: renal

The Benefits of a Specialty Camp for Children with End-Stage Organ Failure

Identification: P08

The participant will be able to discuss one benefit of attending a specialty camp for pediatric transplant recipients.

Category: transplantation

Use of Ultrasound Guidance During Cannulation: 5 Years Later

Identification: P09

The participant will be able to identify how the use of ultrasound guided cannulation can be used within the learners practice setting.

  • Alice Luehr, DNP, RN, CNN, Director of Dialysis, St. Peter's Health

Use of Multidisciplinary Approach to Increase and Maintain the Number of Patients Choosing a Home Therapy Modality

Identification: P10

The participant will be able to identy three elements of the pre-dialysis teaching that optimize home therapy choice.

  • Alice Luehr, DNP, RN, CNN, Director of Dialysis, St. Peter's Health