Core Curriculum for Nephrology Nursing, 7th Edition

Core Curriculum for Nephrology Nursing

The seventh edition of ANNA's Core Curriculum for Nephrology Nursing is a comprehensive, peer-reviewed resource that sets the standard for nephrology nursing clinical practice.

Note - Only CNE evaluations are available in the Online Library.  Please purchase this publication and read corresponding chapters before completing a CNE evaluation. 

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  • Contains almost 1,800 pages divided into two hardcover volumes
    Authored by 93 health care professionals who are experts in nephrology nursing, nutrition, social work, pharmacology, and more
  • Impacts the everyday practice of nephrology nurses and APRNs, from novice to expert
  • Encompasses the individual's life span, from pediatric to older adult patient populations
  • Provides more than 60 nursing continuing professional development contact hours (CNE)
    Offers self-assessment questions, including answer keys and page references
  • Presents new and updated content that reflects current policy and terminology. Examples include health information technology and the electronic health record, collaboration with ESRD Networks, economics of ESRD reimbursement, nutritional needs of patients undergoing bariatric surgery, nutritional needs of pregnant patients, expanded information for APRNs, new information regarding infections, and a new chapter addressing advance care planning, palliative care, and end-of-life care.


Chapter 21 - Transplantation iconChapter 21 - Transplantation

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Chapter 21 - Transplantation

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Chapter 22 - Hemodialysis iconChapter 22 - Hemodialysis

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Chapter 22 - Hemodialysis

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Chapter 23 - Vascular Access for Hemodialysis

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Chapter 24 - Peritoneal Dialysis

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Chapter 25 - Home Dialysis iconChapter 25 - Home Dialysis

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Chapter 25 - Home Dialysis

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Chapter 26 - Program Management in the Acute Care Setting

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Chapter 27 - Acute Kidney Injury

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Chapter 28 - Hemodialysis in the Acute Care Setting

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Chapter 29 - Water Treatment in the Acute Care Setting

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Chapter 30 - Peritoneal Dialysis in the Acute Care Setting

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