Tuberculosis Screening in a Dialysis Program

Tuberculosis Screening in a Dialysis Program

Identification: nnj_so00A4
Issue: September-October 2000
Volume: Vol. 27, No. 5

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Goal: Using the tuberculin skin test (TST), identify latent tuberculosis (TB) infection in the immunosuppressed patient with ESRD in order to institute prophylactic treatment, if indicated.


  1. Describe the standards for administering and interpreting the TST.
  2. Describe a process to determine anergy.
  3. Discuss the management of patients with a positive response to the TST.

Acknowledgment: The author would like to acknowledge Christina Marsh, BScN, RN, CNeph(C), and Lisa Sever, BSc, PHM, for their initial research and preparation of the TB quality improvement initiative. I would also like to thank Ainsley Lee, MScN, RN, and Marlene Besley, BScN, RN, CNeph(C), for their review and feedback during the preparation of the manuscript.



Credits: None available.

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