Urinary Concentration and Dilution

Urinary Concentration and Dilution

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Issue: May-June 2004
Volume: Vol. 31, No. 3

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Goal: Discuss the role of the kidney in urinary concentration and dilution.


  1. Describe the process by which a concentrated urine is formed.
  2. Explain the process by which a dilute urine is formed.
  3. Discuss the mechanism by which vasopressin increases the water permeability of the collecting tubule.

Acknowledgement: This article was adapted from the original written by Patricia Preisig, PhD, RN , published in the ANNA Journal, Volume 19, Number 4, in August 1992. The author and Nephrology Nursing Journal would like to thank Dr. Preisig for her excellent work in the original article.



Credits: None available.

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